Monday, December 17, 2018

Top 3

There are no snakes in the country!

Dairy farmers produce a whopping 100 kg of butter and 65kg of cheese each year for each person living in New Zealand.

30% of the country is forest.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Making a Paper Plane
Hello, today I researched how to make a paper plane. I have made a presentation of the instructions. When you have had a go, let me know how your plane flew, and maybe send me a photo. Smart Blogging.

Friday, June 22, 2018

The Story Of My Life

In our class we had to write a story in an animals view, and I chose hawks! I hope you ejnoy. Hello, I’m Hunter, and I’m going to tell you... The Story Of My Life!! All we can hear is yelling for us and then screams, both sound too familiar, but then the screams and yelling suddenly stop, to suddenly. Could it be? All of a sudden it hits me and I know, so does Lucy, George, Lila and Max. Horrible shrieks fill the air as we mourn for mama and papa. As the rain pellets down and thunder roars, the only light is lightning. First asleep is Lucy,I don’t get how, but then me, George, Lila and Max cry ourselves to sleep. As the morning sun rises, its warm feeling in my feathers tells me that it's time to get up, but to find that still, mama and papa are not here at our sides. After about five minutes I am sick of waiting and suddenly a thrill shreek fills the nest as Max had peeked over the nests edge and the horrified look on his face when he turned and sunk further into the nest. Before I looked, I thought it was just another hawk, but no it was far worse. We all peeked over and there, lying helplessly on the ground, was Mama and Papa, dead, and yet to make matters worse, big, horrible, terrifying, featherless, wingless, monster ripping them apart and laughing at the blood and guts flowing out. All we can do is watch or sink back next to Max. I am the last to look away, tears streaming down my face making a puddle of sadness at my claws and my fluffy feathers droop, then Lucy says” what are those things?” . Of course there is a rude reply from George “I don’t care what they are, we just have to stop looking at them or they’ll do the same to us.” I just have to say “how will we get food George who knows everything?” he turns and glares at me and says “Hunter shut up will you, all you need to worry about is staying up here.” “ Who put you in charge?” “ ME OKAY ME” “Sorrrrey” As night falls, all I can think about is how we will survive. Then overhead there was a swift sound of wings and then a shadowy, strange figure landed in our nest, and everyone, except me of course, backed away as I tried to make a scary noise. I think it knew that I was actually really scared and young. As it came closer it was small, and looked friendly. We watched as it came closer and closer, until it was in the light of the Moon, and then, a small fantail said “Hello there young ones, what are you doing on your own?”. Lucy’s little voice replied“our parents died and we have no food” “well would you like to come and live with me? Oh and by the way my name is Sky.” “Hello Sky, I am Hunter and this is Lucy, Max, George and Lila”. As the sun came up Sky was pacing up and down trying to think how to move us to her nest. Then finally we all decided on one at a time on her back. By lunch we were all eating the freshest, most juiciest worms I’ve had in my life. Three weeks later….. Sky has started to help us fly-hop. Its like you are hopping around using your wings. It really fun! Sky said that soon, we’ll be able to fly! Cool right? Although as we were having breakfast those ugly, featherless, wingless monsters showed up and laughed and said something like “Hey look it’s a fantail with derpy ugly bird babies” and then they all started laughing for some reason. I still don’t get what they are doing, but I think it’s mean. Well anyway I asked Sky if she could teach us how to get food, and she said yes! So now we are learning to find healthy and yummy worms. The best ones are found near watery, muddy patches and come out when it rains, Sky taught me that. Two days later… I DID IT! I FLEW! It was amazing, I could look down and see the wriggly worms coming up for air. I could see the tall wooden things and the big rock, I could see everything from up there! George, Lila, Max and lucy were cheering me on, coz they can’t fly just yet. When I landed, to my surprise, George came over and hugged me, yeah I know right. They asked me loads of questions like: what could you see? What did it feel like? How did you do it? Oh I can’t list them all, it was soooo cool! Finally my siblings appreciate me. All Sky did was watch proudly and then she finally spoke “ Hunter, you have done so well, soon you’ll be able to go out on your own and leave the nest.” Of course i was happy but scared, leaving my foster mum and siblings. Unfortunately I had to. There was no way around it, we all should of been able to fly and we are at the age we have to leave the nest, but since George, Lucy, Max and Lila can’t fly yet they have to stay behind. Tears filled my eyes as I packed my things and slowly they started to fall down my cheeks. When I had finished packing there was a small puddle on the bottom of the nest. I realise that I still didn’t know how to make a nest, but Sky told me I would figure it out on the way. As I slowly started to fly away, tears were streaming down my face. The weird birds were watching in what looked like sorrow, why had they suddenly changed? They were watching me slowly leave as if it were them at their whatever age they were leaving their parents. And after that, they never troubled us again.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Multiverse is really helpful with  my times tables, and for the rest of the class too. It is a fun way to learn your times tables while unlocking worlds,  rifts and more!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

WALT: give our school feedback on the areas and the improvement we could make.

 Mr Kruger’s scary office.

 When you first walk through his door,you become scared to the bone and a chill is sent down your spine…. Unless you’ve been called there with your parents for a good reason😜. If I could change something about his office I would change the decoration to be something more friendly and comforting. Even when you’ve been called for good reasons, sometimes it makes you feel uncomfortable and a little scary😨. Here is a list of decorations that could be used: fairy lights, stuffed toys arranged in a corner of a table, little collectables, pictures on the walls that are nice and comforting. Things like really pretty views, places and animals. If these things are added I’m going to be scared of nothing (my fears are: Mr Kruger’s office😜😉). Then it might even be more relaxing for Mr Kruger and us.

Friday, February 9, 2018

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