Thursday, August 17, 2017

we had to make a fraction question of something like how many people have shoes and use the class as counters.


  1. Kia ora Ruby,

    My name is Emiely (pronounced "Emily") and I am a blogger at the Summer Learning Journey. I like this Google Slide you have made that shows the fraction of boys in your class. I live in Auckland, but wow... your 'about me' makes me want to move to the West Coast! It sounds beautiful there! What fun things do you do in the West Coast?

    I know it's a bit tricky to start, but if you wanted to continue blogging over the summer holidays remember to head over to the activities page on the Summer Learning Journey website. You can do these activities in any order. Be sure to remember to post your answers onto your blog.

    Summer Learning Journey activities link:

    I hope to be blogging with you this summer!

    Noho ora mai,
    Emiely :)

    1. thanks, and at my school this year there was someone called Emily


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