Friday, August 25, 2017

Why We Need Water💧

  • Introduction: We need water to survive like everything does. If we don’t have as much water as we need then we will get dehydrated. So there would be a big chance of you getting sick.
  • animals  look for water and it can take a while in the wild.
We give water to our pets thing to drink to keep them hydrated.
Animals in the sea live in water and some, like dolphins, jump out and play in it.

  • Water is used to clean our cars so they look good for public.
We use water to clean ourselves in the bath or shower.
Water can be helpful to clean our pets so they don’t get sick.

  • use water to grow crops and vegetables to eat.
Water can be used to grow our pets by giving them drinks.
Fruit trees, trees and flowers need water to grow.

  • Those are only some of the things we use water for. There are way more, like fishing and other things.Well, hope you enjoyed my Writing!

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